TopSecret Project

The TopSecret project is a Ruby on Rails web application that provides an easy way for you to manage your passwords. Passwords are grouped into categories of your choosing, and are persisted to a database (typically MySQL). The application itself is, of course, password protected. For more information, see the project page.


At the moment there is no documentation, other than this web page. Fortunately, running TopSecret is about as easy as any other Rails application.


At the moment, TopSecret requires an LDAP server to authenticate anyone attempting to log in to the application. Naturally, this will be corrected at some point. One obvious alternative would be for TopSecret to maintain a set of users in the database, but this gets into the whole admin thing, which requires more views and probably some way to assign the admin password.

Getting Help

You can, of course, write to the author, but he would prefer that you use one of the mailing lists, that way questions that get answered are archived forever, so all will benefit.

Development Halted

Nathan has lost the time and interest in developing this application. Ever since he realized there are plenty of other similar, and much better, services online, he started using (one of) them instead. In particular, Nathan recommends PassPack.